About Us

New beginnings.

PCBflow is bringing a new version to a familiar story about bringing people together.
Siemens has always provided world class solutions for the electronics industry, using powerful design and DFM tools bridge the information gap between designer and manufacturer. We recognized that our world is changing, demanding faster, higher quality NPIs, making supply chain essential, giving new opportunities to smaller businesses, and pushing work into the cloud.

And so, in 2019 we introduced PCBflow to be part of your online strategy to bring your PCB to life faster, better and more securely.

Bringing people together.

We believe that everyone has their expertise, and we built PCBflow with that in mind.
Manufacturers (fab, assembly)! You know what your capabilities are, and what is most important to you to create quality PCBs faster. So we created a place for you to easily set up your DFM rules and let designers grab them for testing *before* sending off the design and asking “can you make it?”.

Designers! You know PCB layout from an electronic standpoint, but you also need to know what to be careful of in the real world. You need an easy way to create designs that won’t be returned with a long list of fixes and changes. You don’t want to waste time explaining, convincing, discussing, changing, reworking and still face the prospect of low yield or poor quality.

Collaborate. Share.

We want you to share information. Get it right the first time.
You can do it, we’re here to help.

No assembly required.

The world has changed and so have we. We recognized that maintaining software versions and on-site databases is clumsy, makes for slow adoption and actually prevents you from keeping up with the industry. We created PCBflow as one of the first true 100% cloud products offered by Siemens.

We are proud of PCBflow and always want to hear your feedback.
Share with us at info@pcbflow.com

The right time is now.

Listen to Susan Kayesar speaking to Karen Pearman about Thoughtful design for component shortages.

Susan holds a BSc, and brings over 20 years of experience in the PCB design and verification industry. She is an expert at cultivating creative software solutions to meet real-world customer needs and in the past has provided support, training, and consultancy services for both simple and complex product implementations.

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Leadership Team

Oren Manor

Director of Business Development, Valor Division, Siemens

Ofer Lavi Ben David

Head of PCBflow Startup

Susan Kayesar

PCBflow Technical Product Manager

Keren Paryenti

Research and Development Project Manager at Siemens