How Counterfeit Materials Undermine your product.

The Siemens-Cybord Predictive Analytics Solution provides the comprehensive component inspection and material traceability required for SMT traceability.

Traceability Prevents Damage

  • Why is predictive analytics important In Smart Manufacturing?
  • What manufacturing analytics solutions exist?
  • What manufacturing analytics software should I use, and why?
  • What is the future of manufacturing analytics?
  • What are the best practices to Mitigate Counterfeit Electronic Components

Electronics manufacturers believe they are purchasing components from legitimate suppliers, and thus assume they will have no issues related to component quality and authenticity. However, checks conducted at major EMS companies during production found that around 10% of the components were counterfeit components or compromised in other ways, such as due to issues such as aging, counterfeiting, tampering, mixed reels, reprogramming, or external defects.

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Is there a simple way to identify compromised components?

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Unprecedented new level of component traceability, 100% Identification of counterfeit and malicious components in your production line!

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The Application of Predictive Analytics in Electronics Manufacturing

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