Join the cloud and revolutionize the way you design your next PCB!

PCBflow empowers you to streamline your design for manufacturability. Leverage its advanced features to identify and address potential issues early on, ensuring a smooth and error-free manufacturing process.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods and embrace the flexibility and efficiency that cloud technology offers.

Design for Assembly

PCBflow is a design for assembly (DFA) tool, offers flexibility when it comes to design formats. You can analyze designs from various CAD tools and effortlessly transfer the results back to your preferred CAD tool for any necessary corrections.

With DFA, you can validate your bill of materials (BOM) specific to manufacturers and identify any component placement or manufacturing violations. Even if you don’t have access to ODB++ or IPC2581, you can easily upload your designs in Gerber 274x format.

PCBflow acts as a guide for designers, helping them identify and correct manufacturability errors, while also providing a manufacturing risk analysis. DFA analysis allows for BOM validation using manufacturer part numbers from the Valor Part Library database, and highlights potential issues with component placement and assembly.


Smart, Self-explanatory & Interactive

Smart, self-explanatory and interactive – DFM report includes critical violations, filtering, statistics, summary tables and error grouping.

Users can see, pan, zoom and navigate through all board layers, seeing all details, including component geometry. They can easily fully investigate the DFM analysis with an interactive result viewer that automatically zooms to the location of the result being investigated.

BOM Sourcing & Quick Pricing

PCBflow instantly shows updated cost and availability information for the components in a Bill of Materials (BOM), using the BOM Pricing and Sourcing tool.

Designers can now immediately get an accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of any design, simply by requesting a QuickPrice from within PCBflow, powered by Boardera.

Network & Get to Market Faster

PCBflow is the beginning of a broad collaborative platform that aims to connect the electronic manufacturing ecosystem, simplify collaboration and streamline the design-to-manufacturing process.

Designers and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate on the platform, and instantly deliver designs to production.

Fast, Easy and Secure

As a cloud-based tool, PCBflow requires no installation or configuration. Designers can simply upload Design files into the secure cloud environment and select one or more manufacturers to apply process capabilities to the DFM analysis.

PCBflow provides an interactive online viewer that enables drill-down and investigation of design faults, secure in-app sharing and collaboration, and a downloadable PDF report.

Strict Security Standards

We have processes and controls in place to meet several security certificates and compliances.
Siemens takes information security seriously for the management of cloud environments and product offerings.
ISO Certificate

Siemens Trust Center

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Roberto Campri, Elco, Corporate Asia Manager

Digitization has led to a different way of thinking.  You can do things in new, previously unimaginable ways. Elco has used PCBflow to help various customers streamline their design process and plans to continue using PCBflow with customers in the future.

Mauro Sandri, CEO, Elco

DFM software tools are generally expensive. Using PCBflow is a game changer in the DFM field, as it is affordable enough to allow companies of all sizes to adopt DFM best practices.

Pavel Yankovich, Sintecs

PCBflow directly connects PCB designers with manufacturers and assemblers. Checking for compliance with the technological requirements of the definite manufacturer or assembler allows for preventing the occurrence of potential problems before placing an order and adjusting the project. A simple and intuitive interface with an utterly easy workflow helps to start using PCBflow with no time losses.

Peter Fruehauf, Project Manager, Siemens CT

Especially designers in small and medium businesses should run a DFM analysis as well, because otherwise they would make PCB designs, which are actually not manufacturable.

Tamir Hazan, Owner, Speed – Board Electronics Ltd.

For PCB designers, project sharing is very important. Designers and manufacturers should be able to work with OES. PCBflow allows that.

Evgeny Makhline, Nistec CTO

With PCBflow, manufacturers can prevent losses related to false production, reduce repairs by 80% and free up to ~600 engineering and quality hours per year – hours that can be invested in innovation and improvement

Martin Franke, Business Development Electronics, Siemens CT

A manual check always includes the risk of overlooking things. But, using this tool, you have an automatic iteration between the PCB fabricator on one hand and the designer on the other hand. The report hepls us to improve the process in two ways: first of all, time, but also quality.

pcbflow ecosystem relation


  • Designer
  • Manufacturer

    Can PCBflow provide component pricing or availability information?

    Yes. PCBflow includes FREE access to accurate, up-to-date part availability and pricing information from your preferred suppliers. We calculate the price of your BOM for you and even provide a handy calculation of spare parts that are left over if you order a larger-than-needed quantity to get a better price.

    How do I generate a DFM Profile on PCBflow according to our manufacturing capabilities?

    To create a DFM Profile, log in to PCBflow and go to the Manufacturer Tools area. Follow the instructions to download and install the Analysis Definition Manager app (Windows only). You will use the ADM app to define your custom DFM rules. In the app, you will find several examples of DFM profiles that you can use as a starting point. You can copy those profiles and edit them or create your own from scratch. Once you have finished defining your DFM profile, click the button to upload the profile to our secure server and make them available to other PCBflow users. We would be happy to help you set up your DFM profile – contact us at info@pcbflow.com
    Remember, there is no charge to create or maintain your DFM profiles in PCBflow.

    Can everyone see my DFM profile in PCBflow?

    You can make your DFM profile as public or as private as you choose and change the status at any time.
    There are three levels of DFM profile visibility: Public, Network, and Private
    Public – any PCBflow member will be able to use this profile to perform a DFM analysis.
    Network – access to the profile is limited to your PCBflow network connections only. Only users that are approved by you will be able to use this DFM profile.
    Private – access is limited to your company’s users only. PCBflow users from other companies will not be able to view this profile.

    Can someone else download my DFM profile?

    Your DFM profile can only be downloaded by users in your company who have been granted permission by your administrator.
    If you choose to allow it, other PCBflow users may use your DFM profile to perform analysis.

    Is my data secure on PCBflow?

    All data uploaded to PCBflow is compliant with Siemens highest security standards. We are ISO 27001 compliant and undergo regular independent audits to ensure that we remain vigilant to prevent data leaks for both data at rest and in transfer. Each request you make to PCBflow is protected by a unique access token that ensures you only perform authorized actions. If you have specific security-related questions or concerns, please reach out to us at info@pcbflow.com.